Deepali Jain has been a fitness expert for the past ten years. She is REEBOK certified and has also done NIKE, and FISAF Certification (Federation of international sports and Aerobic fitness) in aqua training and fitness leader and personal training. There are only two or three Aqua Trainers in India and she is one of them and is the most experienced.

She holds AQUA AEROBICS classes at a popular SOUTH MUMBAI CLUB, called BODY RHYTM. She also holds Aqua Aerobics Classes for another popular club in south Mumbai, called BREACH CANDY CLUB, which is exclusively for Ex-pats. In both the clubs her classes are packed, and very popular.

She has done various workshops under Global master trainers from the UK, Canada, South Africa, Paris and Hong Kong to name just a few, in STEP, AEROBICS, KICKBOXING, CIRCUIT TRAINING, INTERVAL TRAINING.

Deepali Jain gives PERSONAL TRAINING to Corporate Heads of Prominent Corporates of India. She also trains the female members of a Royal Family of the Bohri community. Her clients are satisfied with her services as she has helped them to realize their fitness goals. Deepali Jain is a fitness consultant to an exclusive spa in Kolkotta, where she flies to every once a month to train their trainers for Aqua and Personal Training, she gives Personal Training to the owner and her family members.

Deepali Jain is in charge of the management and marketing of the Aerobic Studio in Mumbai, and reports directly to the management. She holds packed classes in STEP,HI-LO,POWER YOGA,PILATES,GYM BALL,KICKBOXING,CONDITIONING ETC..Deepali is a Faculty member of SYMBIOSIS UNIVERSITY, PUNE. The university has 35,000 students from all parts of the world. It has various departments, Fitness being one of them.

Deepali has featured on quite a few National Channels like AAJ TAK,and ZOOM.She has even been featured in prominent magazines and National newspapers, the details which you will find in the MEDIA GALLERY. She was conducting DAILY FITNESS CHANNEL all by herself on Aqua and its benefits.

She is a Business Management Diploma holder from St. Xaviers College.

Spring Board Fitness
Spring Board Fitness was launched four years ago. The motto of this concern is COMMITTED TO FITNESS. Its endeavor is to provide quality fitness training to people who need it and appreciate good quality when it is offered to them. Spring board promotes a holistic view of health and well being. This holistic belief sets spring board fitness apart from its competitotrs and is one of the main reasons propelling our success and popularity with the contemprorary Inidian population. The proprietor of this concern is DEEPALI JAIN. She has a dynamic team of highly qualified energetic and dedicated professionals consisting of a Physician, a Dietician, a Physiotherapist, a Yoga teacher, Certified Trainers, and a lecturer. This concern is dedicated to guiding the fitness wary people to a fit and healthy lifestyle. Every client is given individual care and attention.